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Rinse the surface with warm water, white spirit, acetone or mechanically sand 80, or grit paper the surface to remove any paraffin residue. The EcoFast paint strippers are made with soy and other bio-based ingredients combined with the strength of LVP-VOC consumer products exempt ingredients such as Benzyl Alcohol proven as a safer paint stripping ingredient used in aircraft paint stripping. The Soy-It brand of paint strippers are made with soy and has been a popular chemistry since our inception. It might be challenging since it is common so if you do end up buying a product that lists it as an ingredient, make sure you know how to apply it safely. James — February 28, Verified Owner. Perfect for removing several layers of paint or varnish rapidly and efficiently and can be cleaned up fairly easily. Depending on the specific brand or formula, the ingredients may include soy oil, citric acid, lactic acid from corn sugar , dimethylsulfoxide from wood pulp or terpenes from citrus or pine.

Paint stripping woes – What’s going on and how to get it right

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It is normally caustic soda, such as sodium hydroxide or potash which is potassium hydroxide. EcoFast paint strippers are very low odor, neutral pH, and is much easier to rinse paint stripping residue than other products. Ashley Woodman — July 22, Verified Owner. If time is of the essence, you can find a paint stripper than dries in a matter of minutes. Whatever your job entails, and whatever the finish is underneath the paint, the following guide will help you choose the right paint stripper. With the ability to cover approximately to square-feet per gallon, this product is ideal for treating a variety of different wood projects and is a product that some people like to keep around the house. STE An environmental remediation solution for removing lead paint, chemical resistant coatings, urethanes, chlorinated rubber, asbestos tiles, mastics, adhesives, and more

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Sign up for our newsletter. Make sure that the area you are working in is well-ventilated so that the fumes can escape easily. Acid-free paint and varnish stripper suitable for wood, metal, glass and more. Feel free to get in touch. Please enter your name here. An average quality paint remover ideal for DIYers and hobbyists.
The success of this project depends on the type of paint and the thickness of the coats. And indeed, this product features exceptional characteristics. Advised suitable for removing sikkens hls and Cetol from very weathered timber lodge by the sea. The restrictions apply to the public as well as professionals, and the two year plan was completed in late Click Here to Leave a Comment Below. Formulated as a mild gel, the product removes multiple coats at a time and is free from acids and caustic materials.
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