Pea at the bottom of mattress

She refuses to wear anything but jeans…my kind of girl! One evening a terrible storm came on. He hopped out of his limo and knocked on a door. The Queen was sad for him but one night the King heard a knock on the door. She went into the bedroom, took all the bed clothes off and laid a pea on the bedstead: then she took twenty mattresses and piled them on top of the pea, and then twenty feather beds on top of the mattresses.

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The Princess on the Pea

Then the Queen put a ladder against it so the princess could get up. Then she put 20 mattresses over top of it. The prince was overjoyed. There were princesses enough, but he could never be sure that they were real ones. She is definitely a princess because no one could have felt that pea unless she was a true princess. Iron design pieces to wrong sides of fabrics with a medium heat iron, no steam.

The Princess and the Pea

Goodness knows what there was in the bed! A princess was standing outside. So the prince took her to be his wife, for now he was sure that he had found a real princess, and the pea was put into the Museum, where it may still be seen if no one has stolen it. There was so luck for the Prince. There were princesses enough, but he could never be sure that they were real ones. He went all over the world is his big huge limo. The Queen said she was going to make her bed.
There was then a knocking at the town gate, and the old King went to open it. Peel off liner from design. Then she took twenty mattresses, laid them on the pea and finally placed twenty more eider—down quilts on top of the mattresses. In the morning the princess went to the living room. Run through preheated laminator. When People told themselves their past with stories, explained their present with stories, foretold the future with stories, the best place by the fire was kept for
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